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Friday, April 6, 2018

Premium Quality Organic Vegetable and Fruits Online at

There are many companies nowadays who are trying to restore the essence of organic products back for their customers. The main reason behind it is the lack of fresh dairy and grocery items in the market. Most of the customers show no trust when an organization says “our products are 100% organic” and it is mainly because they are reluctant to share details about the work flow with their customers. People have busy lives and they can’t tend to find the time to look for the best quality products for themselves and their loved ones and fruits and vegetables tops this list. has been initiated to change that scenario once and for all. We are bringing 100% organic and farm fresh fruits and vegetables for the people of Lahore. Now you can buy vegetables online or buy fruits online as well without leaving the comforts of your homes. does not only bring comfort and convenience in your life, it also aims to provide the best quality products to its customers. Our process is very transparent and clear; we do not want to hide anything from our customers and also want them to know why choosing to buy vegetables online or buy fruits online is the best option.

Coordinating with the Farmers to get 100% organic products: does not deliver the fruits and vegetables to your home. But we make sure that the products we are delivering to you were well taken care throughout. We keep in touch with the farmers as they are collecting the fruits and vegetables from the farms. We make sure that no additional chemicals are added to the fruits and vegetables and they are thoroughly washed with clean water.
The vegetables are brought to our inventories in a secure environment and kept here in a sterilized space. We make sure that we clear our stock before it goes bad. This means that our customers, who buy vegetables online or Buy fruits online from us, get the best possible fruits and vegetables available in the city of Lahore at highly comparative prices while enjoying the comforts of their homes. has a vision to build a relationship of trust between the clients and itself and for that reasons it put the needs and wants of its customers above anything else. We know that it is nearly impossible to trust the fruit and vegetable vendors’ sitting alongside the roads when it comes to the quality of the product. vs street vendors

 You may ask why we should choose when the fruits and vegetables vendors sitting alongside almost every road of the city have such low rates. The answer to that is simple; we don’t compromise on the quality of the product under any circumstances.
Look at the quality of fruits and vegetables those street vendors are selling to you and then compare it with the fruits and vegetables we have in store for you. All the products at are kept under a controlled environment to make them safe for you and your family to consume.  We want you to choose the best available option without compromising on the health and save being of your children and family members.
Make the right decision for them and yourself and buy vegetables online or buy fruits online from doesn’t want you to compromise on the quality you feed yourself and your loved ones to gain the strength and energy to take on the challenges of life in this fast world and that is why we ask you to buy vegetables online or buy fruits online from to improve the quality of your life. Do not settle for a lesser quality option just because you would be saving few rupees of off it and endanger the lives yourself and your family.

Constant monitoring of vegetables and fruits available online

We work on the principle that the self-criticism is the best criticism and for that purpose we, at, practice slit free monitoring of our own products. Our aim is to deliver premium quality fruits and vegetables to your doorsteps and to achieve that goal we make sure that the quality of the product kept in our inventories are fresh and healthy for you to consume.
While ordering through, you can be sure of one thing that the fruits or vegetables reaching you are of top notch quality and are selected with love and care so you can lead a more fulfilling and complete life and treat your body as it should be treated with fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.
You being healthy today promise a healthy future for our country. We want you to be strong enough to handle the hardships of life and get the best out of it on every step.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to Apply to Study in Germany - Learn German Course - EURASIA

How to Apply to Study in Germany
Why Study in Germany?
Germany is the third most popular destination among international students in the world. More than twelve percent of students at German universities come from abroad – just like you. Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.

Check the admission requirements:
Before applying, check that your current qualifications are recognized by your chosen university. To study in Germany you need to have a recognized Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB), meaning ‘higher education entrance qualification’. This can come in many formats, particularly for international students who have gained their school-leaving qualifications in a different country.

Get a German student visa
The requirements for obtaining a student visa for Germany depend on your country of origin. You can find an overview of the countries for which a student visa is or isn’t required on the Foreign Federal Office’s website. You can also read this article to find out how to get a German student visa and a residence permit.

Learn German Course
Eurasia is a listed Telc exam, Telc prüfung, prüfungszentrum telc, Testdaf prüfung,testdaf exam, TestDaF, Entrance exams Berlin and Telc examination centre. For more details course details
Telc exam berlin - EURASIA Institute

Telc prüfung berlin 
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Settle in to student life in Germany 
Congratulations, you should now be (mostly) all set to begin your studies in Germany! Don’t forget to pack all the essentials, as well as arranging a few more important affairs:

If you haven’t already, once you’ve found accommodation you must register with the local registration office of your city (Einwohnermeldeamt or Bürgeramt). Once registered, you’ll receive a document confirming your registration at that address, which you can then use for the next step…
Get a student bank account. Most banks offer these for free, and it will make managing your regular payments (such as accommodation) much easier. You should open this account as soon as possible and ensure you have enough money in the meantime.
If you’d like to find a part-time job while you study, you can do so if you are a full-time EU or EEA student (excluding students from Bulgaria and Romania), with no restrictions on where or when you can work. If you are a full-time student from outside of the EU (or from Romania and Bulgaria), you will be limited to working up to 90 days full time or 180 days part-time per year before you must apply for a work permit. Upon gaining paid work in Germany you should contact the German employment office to learn about the legal conditions. Click here for tips on finding a student job in Germany.
Make sure your studies are organized. Students need to put together a timetable themselves – your Kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnis (KVV), or Annotated Course Catalogue, course schedule and examination regulations should help you with this, or you may be able to compile it online. You may well also need to decide on what course modules you’d like to attend.
Germany Visa and Entry Requirements

What kinds of documents and papers one needs of the entry to Germany depends mainly on where he or she comes from and on how long he or she wants to stay in Germany. It is important to get the necessary information and to put together all the papers quite early and in time before the studies abroad.

In general, there are the following rules: For citizens from the EU or from the countries Island, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein it is only necessary to have an identity card to entry Germany. It is not necessary to have a visa. Citizens from other countries instead need a visa if they stay in Germany for more than 90 days. There are some more rules for the visa application as well. Citizens from the countries Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and the USA can apply for their visa even after they arrived in Germany. For citizens from other countries, it is necessary to apply for the visa before coming to Germany.
You can get a more information

Study in Europe for Free international students

Online German language Course

How to study abroad

Germany offers free education to students

Study in Germany for Pakistani students

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Eurasia Institute - Your Pathway to Free Education in Germany

Eurasia Institute is a pathway college in Germany offering preparation programs for university study in Germany. EURASIA Institute is working with a large university network to place eligible international students for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Eurasia Institute specializes in preparing and qualifying international students for study at a German university in engineering, IT, or a related technical field.
How it works?Together with your admission to Eurasia Institute, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter to a degree program of your choice in german universities with Zero tuition fees.. There is no additional entrance examination upon your arrival in Germany -your place in the eurasia Preparation Program and placement at a partner university are guaranteed upon your acceptance to Eurasia Institute.
1. Study at a German university.
2. Avail of university pathway programs to prepare for university studies.
3. Earn a degree in almost any field of study.
4. Experience German education, known around the world for excellence and flexibility.
5. Learn German in Germany and immerse in its culture.
Why Choose EURASIA Institute Berlin?
~ Information on the requirements for studying in Germany
~ Pre-check of educational transcripts from your home country by our partner universities
~ Assistance with the application for a student visa
~ University placement counselling
~ German language courses for university entrance preparation
~ Host-family program
~ Student services
~ Assistance with the search for student jobs
Facilities at EURASIA Institute Berlin
~ Classrooms
~ Accommodation
~ Bank Facility
~ Insurance
~ Sports Facilities
~ Placements
Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall
Degree Level
Undergraduate, Master & Diplom
Subject Areas
American Studies
Art & Fine Arts
Art History
Asian Studies
Aviation & Aerospace Engineering
Biomedical Sciences
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Programming
Computer Science & It
Conflict Studies
Development Studies
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Studies
Graphic Design
Health Administration
Human Resource Management
Human Rights Advocacy
Independent Study
Industrial Design
Interior Design
International Business
International Relations
Interreligious & Interethnic Relations
Mechanical Engineering
Physical Therapy
Social Policy
Sports Science
Travel & Tourism
This Program is open to American, European, Australian, Canadian, Worldwide, Asian, Kiwi and South African Participants.
Typical Living Arrangements
~ Dormitory
~ Apartment/Flat
~ Home-stays
~ Participants Travel
Want to study in Germany with Zero tuition fees universities.
Applications via agents from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Malaysia & South Africa are most welcome.

Study in Abroad

Study in Abroad
When it comes to study in abroad, we all end up having a confused state of cognition. This occurrence of a disturbed mind is mostly because we do not know the whole process and end up losing all hope and determination to complete our dream. Procrastination is not the ‘bad guy’ here. No!
This happens only when we are not given all the information or are told stories about how difficult it is to study abroad. Today, in this blog, I’d tell you the main steps to cover in order to help you go abroad for higher education. Hopefully, it’d help you bigtime.
1.      Start Planning Early:
In order to save yourself from the hassle and haste to finish the applications on time, start early. Choose the direction of education you want to go for and line up all the options for it. Don’t think of a particular university instead have a few as your backup plan so that if you do not get in one you just might in another.

2.      List out Universities around the World:
While listing universities, check out the top hundred universities around the world and see which of them hold your interest. Remember, to check the fee structure, required grades etc. of all universities of your choice, to have a clear mindset about your choices. Check for their scholarships and the requirements needed to have one for yourself. While completing your degree, keep your mind focused on the grades needed for a scholarship to make your studying easier.

3.      Give International Entrance Exams:
Once you’re done with your selection and are near to graduating from your present institute, start prepping for one of the international exams held in your country. These include the SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL. These test help you get into various colleges and universities around the Globe. Sometimes, you might have to give a combination of one or more of these tests alongside a few others as per a specific country’s education system.

4.      Apply for a Visa:
In many countries, students need a visa to study there. The best way to attain one is to consult the embassy or consulate website in order to know and understand their requirements. If a student opts a program that has handled student visas in the past, they may be able to provide guidance and advice on whether or not you will need a visa.

5.      Abroad:
If your application is approved you will be sent a letter of confirmation which you’d be taking alongside to the other country with you. You’ll have to show it to the immigration officials at the point of entry. However, remember that it is an introduction letter only and not your study permit. The study permit would be issued by the foreign country you’d be showing this letter to who’d issue you a visa which would be valid for a particular time period. Once expired, you’d have to renew the visa.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Germany offers free education to students

Germany has state subsidised instructive framework which give free training to a great many students from everywhere throughout the world.
 DAAD scholarships
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is an openly supported free association of advanced education organizations in Germany. Every year DAAD, its Regional Branch Offices, its Information Centers, and DAAD Professors around the world give data and money related support to more than 120,000 exceptionally qualified understudies and workforce for universal research and study every year.
Dialect Requirements
Dialect prerequisite relies on medium of guideline in your course. In the event that your proposed program is in German dialect, at that point you should hold a perceived German dialect testament. There are numerous colleges in Germany who offer free German dialect classes to the understudies who prevail in their confirmation criteria. They are issued contingent visa to learn German dialect. Subsequent to finishing the required capability level in German dialect, they can proceed with their principle scholastic without program. Germany training 356x220 On the other hand if program is in English then you would require IELTS or TOEFL test score. To get exclusion from IELTS/TOEFL or other English appraisal tests, you should exhibit outstanding English capability through a few scholastic and expert affirmation. German government office in couple of nations require IELTS/TOEFL as an absolute necessity have record even your foundation asks you to do as such. For current enactments, you should contact your nearby German international safe haven or office.

Evidence of Financial Sufficiency
For study visa, German colleges don't charge high educational cost charges, so they oblige understudies to have the capacity to meet their everyday costs effortlessly. All understudies applying for German understudy visa outside Germany must exhibit that they hold adequate assets for their first year of living in Germany. This should be possible in both of these three ways;

·         Make settled store of  €7760/in any German bank and concur not to pull back more than €648/every month. Sum will stay in your own particular record;

·         you hold a grant from German or neighbourhood establishment or private government

·         any German inhabitant give assurance of a similar sum for your benefit

·         The most effective method to apply with the expectation of complimentary review in Germany

·         To apply with the expectation of complimentary review in Germany, understudies must get selected at a perceived German college. You require taking after records to apply understudy visa for Germany;

·         Travel report or international ID legitimate for no less than 6 months

·         Confirmation of dialect capability (IELTS 6.0 groups or equal)

·         Four late photographs of every candidate incorporated into the application

·         Offer letter or confirmation of enrolment from a perceived German foundation

·         Confirmation of assets for everyday costs amid your stay in Germany

·         Every instructive record appropriately bore witness to and confirmed by significant specialists

·         Legitimate voyaging protection from an affirmed insurance agency with front of in any event Euros 30,000 every year.

Where to apply:
Students  confirmation applications are made specifically to establishments yet in the wake of getting affirmation, you can submit visa application at closest German government office or department. You require an arrangement to visit German visa workplaces, so please check with your German consulate before going there.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eurasia Institute About us

The EURASIA Institute was founded by Andrew Geddes in 1993 and is all about imparting knowledge of languages and cultures. The EURASIA Institute is continually expanding its world-wide network - with universities, institutions, companies and associations, and values the positive synergies that arise from this mutual cooperation. Since 1999, EURASIA has offered German language courses in practically all languages, as well as translation and interpreting services, specialist seminars for academics, and intercultural seminars for universities and government authorities. EURASIA takes full advantage of its central location in Berlin and attracts young people from all over the world to its summer courses and Berlin tours in this vibrant German metropolis. EURASIA also arranges work placements (internships) both in Germany and abroad, as well as offering work placement opportunities itself to motivated young people. EURASIA prepares students from over 30 countries around the world specifically for studying in Germany. This work includes language courses, intercultural training, student counselling and student services as well as the host family programme. EURASIA actively supports young people in making successful applications to German universities and technical universities. In addition, EURASIA assists young academics from abroad in finding a PhD supervisor, and realising their PhD and research proposals in Germany. EURASIA prides itself in being an educational institution which is helping to increase the attraction of Germany as a place to study. In the context of our international academic networks we are able to offer continuing professional education programmes and services to German Universities and technical universities. It is the aim of EURASIA to make an effective contribution to mutual understanding between the many cultures across the globe.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Why Study in Germany

Reasons of Why You Should Choose Germany as Your Study Destination

Advantages of studying in Germany:

German Universities have had an incredible appeal for students from all over Europe (and past) for at any rate the most recent few centuries. One just need check which colleges, up until a hundred years prior, a large portion of the Nobel prize laureates were related with, and any semblance of Heidelberg and Tübingen would figure among the most prominent.There's no denying, nonetheless, that an expanding number of youngsters from everywhere throughout the world are setting their sights on Germany, as the end goal for the quest for their advanced education objectives (especially Master and Ph.D. considers).

The Global Importance of Germany:
With its focal area in the heart of the mainland (it imparts an outskirt to nine unique nations), Germany is the centre of Europe; to utilise an adage: All streets lead through Germany. It is the financial and mechanical powerhouse of the unified Europe, that is progressively coming to possess the place it evenhandedly merits on the planet political field which is a great answer as to why you should study in Germany.

The Interactive Web of Academia, Research and Industry:
German colleges, scattered everywhere throughout the nation, frame a web of advanced education foundations (numbering more than 300) with the thickness unparalleled anyplace on the planet. Strategically placed close central purposes of cooperation between modern plants and logical/innovative research focuses, these colleges give openings that rarely exist somewhere else for students: discover work upon graduation and live and work in a similar city where they considered.

Scholastic Standards:
Scholastic measures at German colleges are first rate; not exclusively are the prestigious specialised establishments, for example, TU Darmstadt, RWTH Aachen, and others, positioned as a portion of the best on the planet, however the review courses offered in an assortment of different teaches, for example, drug, law, sociologies, expressions and so for, are very acclaimed universally.

Subsidising of Research:
The three superior financing hotspots for research ventures at German colleges are: German Government, the mechanical part, and the European Union; having this monster pool of subsidising to draw from, specialists from a wide assortment of controls have for all intents and purposes boundless conceivable outcomes to lead research and concocted creative arrangements in their separate fields.

Accessibility of Courses in English and International Recognition of Credentials:
Despite the fact that by far most of courses offered by German colleges are dominatingly German instructed, there are, because of a developing interest and an unfaltering ascent in the inundation of remote understudies, different colleges that are changing to English showed courses, today numbering a sum of more than 350 college courses educated in English. These courses, offered over the range of controls, are globally perceived, a reality which lets go whatever worries remote understudies may have about the legitimacy of their degrees earned in Germany.

So above were the reasons to why study in Germany, it surely is not a chance to be missed.