Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Study in Abroad

Study in Abroad
When it comes to study in abroad, we all end up having a confused state of cognition. This occurrence of a disturbed mind is mostly because we do not know the whole process and end up losing all hope and determination to complete our dream. Procrastination is not the ‘bad guy’ here. No!
This happens only when we are not given all the information or are told stories about how difficult it is to study abroad. Today, in this blog, I’d tell you the main steps to cover in order to help you go abroad for higher education. Hopefully, it’d help you bigtime.
1.      Start Planning Early:
In order to save yourself from the hassle and haste to finish the applications on time, start early. Choose the direction of education you want to go for and line up all the options for it. Don’t think of a particular university instead have a few as your backup plan so that if you do not get in one you just might in another.

2.      List out Universities around the World:
While listing universities, check out the top hundred universities around the world and see which of them hold your interest. Remember, to check the fee structure, required grades etc. of all universities of your choice, to have a clear mindset about your choices. Check for their scholarships and the requirements needed to have one for yourself. While completing your degree, keep your mind focused on the grades needed for a scholarship to make your studying easier.

3.      Give International Entrance Exams:
Once you’re done with your selection and are near to graduating from your present institute, start prepping for one of the international exams held in your country. These include the SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL. These test help you get into various colleges and universities around the Globe. Sometimes, you might have to give a combination of one or more of these tests alongside a few others as per a specific country’s education system.

4.      Apply for a Visa:
In many countries, students need a visa to study there. The best way to attain one is to consult the embassy or consulate website in order to know and understand their requirements. If a student opts a program that has handled student visas in the past, they may be able to provide guidance and advice on whether or not you will need a visa.

5.      Abroad:
If your application is approved you will be sent a letter of confirmation which you’d be taking alongside to the other country with you. You’ll have to show it to the immigration officials at the point of entry. However, remember that it is an introduction letter only and not your study permit. The study permit would be issued by the foreign country you’d be showing this letter to who’d issue you a visa which would be valid for a particular time period. Once expired, you’d have to renew the visa.
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  3. I have always wished to study abroad. I have also started with my LSAT Prep and soon I will be looking for law schools. My sister has also cleared this exam and she is now in a very good law school in US. I wish I am through this test and become a successful lawyer one day.